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what people think about our programmes…

Samira H 

"I was recommended to do the GutSense programme by a friend and it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done. Within days I felt more energised and no longer needed my afternoon nap. I was reaching for healthier options instead of my usual fix of sugar and chocolate. I wholeheartedly recommend Lu and GutSense. It’s one of the most important health decisions you’ll ever make"


Susannah B 2023

The 21-day programme was a life-saver post-op when I was tired and run down, not to mention rather overweight.  I found everything very easy to do and to stick to. I was never hungry (essential for me) and I lost half a stone with ease. My energy returned and the programme set me on a better, healthier approach to eating which I have continued. I have now lost a stone in total and everyone says that I look like a new person and I also feel like one too. Thank you 

Super Health Food
Healthy Food

John C

"I am delighted to have taken part in this 21 day programme. Was it a hardship, no. Was it unpleasant, quite the opposite. Was it worthwhile, most definitely yes. The well being you feel growing through the programme is exceptional - clear headed, energetic, rejuvenated, improved appearance, the list goes on. It is a wake up call to better your life through considered eating, exercise and mental approach.

Lu and her team were on hand daily to guide you through, answer questions, however naïve, and add encouragement when needed - I thoroughly recommend Lu and this programme, which I definitely will repeat"

Miranda T

“Collagen Loading was a revelation to me. I’d toyed with the idea of taking collagen to help my skin but had no idea of what else it would help me with. Sleep was a great surprise. Whole nights of rest. My skin has a much better texture, my hairdresser tells me my hair has never been better and best of all my knees no longer creak and ache.”

Annabel P

“I would recommend the 21-day reset programme Programme to anyone who wants to feel better, and take care of their health, in a very easy way. It was simple to follow, and I found I really enjoyed cooking and eating only within the permitted foods lists and was never hungry. Three weeks later, I feel stronger and clearer headed, more energetic and on the ball. Also, I lost over half a stone. It’s like a DIY home version of the Mayr Clinic, just much less expensive!”


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