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DNA Report

Our DNA report is your personal operator’s manual for your life

Our DNA report 

You can actually influence and even modify the expression of your genes through your lifestyle choices, your diet, how well you sleep, your stress levels and any supplementation. Environmental factors can also have an influence. Imagine having the power to prevent hereditary health problems by changing what you eat and how much you exercise.

With your 'My Genetic Body DNA Report' you will have the knowledge you need to make wise choices in all of those respects. There is no guess-work, you will have the answers and then it’s then up to you.

It shows health warnings, fitness style and optimised nutrition. This advice is unique to you and shows you how to look after your body and get the most out of it and your life.


If you want to know more about the your DNA listen to Daniel Wallerstorfer, Novogenia CEO, below

What will it tell you?

  • Your genetic blueprint contains lots of information about which nutrients your body needs or needs more of, what you can or cannot metabolise and what kind of nutrients can be harmful or cause inflammation in your body.

  • Discovering your personal DNA coding enables you to make the right decisions to get the best nutrition and avoid the foods that do not work so well with your individual coding.

  • It can also highlight any inherent weaknesses and covers every aspect and area of your body, including your brain. This enables you to make informed lifestyle choices with a lifetime value.

  • If you have a genetic pre-disposition for weakness of the cardiovascular system, including blood pressure issues, osteoporosis and arthritis or perhaps Alzheimer’s disease or macular degeneration. Or you might not have the enzymes to metabolise gluten or lactose. The findings of your optimum nutritional pathway are summarised for you, making it easy to choose what is best for you.

  • Sports: Imagine the edge you could gain, knowing exactly what combination of nutrition you need to be at your very best when performing.

  • Understanding how your body reacts to injury, what type of sport suits your muscle type, and how to improve your oxygen uptake.

Why not choose a programme that includes a 200-page printed 
'My Genetic Body DNA Report'… your personal operator’s manual for the rest of your life!


Tested by Novogenia Laboratories 

Novogenia is one of Europe’s market leaders in lifestyle and genetic diagnostics and a global pioneer in preventive genetic diagnostics.

They are currently appointed by the Austrian government for Covid 19 testing. Novogenia is certified to carry out medical analysis which means they meet the highest of standards for the protection of medical data, not just commercial standards.

This certification allows them to carry out much more detailed series of analyses – 61 in fact, whilst most commercial companies only analyse 1 to 3 genes.

A one-hour report review with one of us is included, and you will be given email access to the laboratory for any in-depth questions you might have.

A simple at-home saliva swab test is sent to the laboratory. Cells from the swab tests are broken open to release the DNA and the genetic results are analysed and signed off by two scientists.


For data protection samples/DNA are destroyed after analysis.

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